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BitMart Labs行业观察站第七期:现在是入场HAI的最好时机吗?


BitMart Labs行业观察站是BitMart Labs特别推出的嘉宾对话栏目,通过对话行业大V,紧跟行业发展话题,为区块链从业者提供全视角的行业观察。第七期我们特邀Hacken CEO—— Dyma Budorin,为你分析现在是入场HAI的最好时机吗?

Dyma Budorin:我叫Dyma Budorin,是Hacken Group的联合创始人兼首席执行官。2017年在爱上加密货币行业之前,我在德勤(Deloitte)建立了8年成功的职业生涯。我对网络安全,审计充满热情,对欺诈和欺诈行为零容忍。

My name is Dyma Budorin, and I am CEO the co-founder of Hacken Group. I was building a successful career at Deloitte for 8 years before I fell in love with the crypto industry back in 2017. I am passionate about cybersecurity, audits and have zero tolerance to frauds and scams.

Hacken是领先的网络安全集团,致力于公司,个人和加密货币交易所的网络安全。 Hacken成立于2017年,自此成为Vechain,Oneledger,AirAsia等公司的全球安全合作伙伴。

Hacken is a leading cybersecurity group working on corporate, individual, and crypto exchanges’ cybersecurity. Established in 2017, Hacken has since become the global security partner of companies such as Vechain, Oneledger, AirAsia and many more.


Hacken.io – B2B cybersecurity consulting company with an essential focus on blockchain and crypto exchanges security


CER.live – cryptocurrency exchanges ranking and CERtification platform


Hackenproof.com – Crowdsource security bug bounty platform with 3,000 white hat hackers working on it


Hacken.ai – Your personal cyberguard, individual cybersecurity application.

Iris:Hacken.io CER.live hackenproof.com和Hacken.ai听起来是一个非常大的集团。那目前有什么项目可以推动您的业务发展?

Hacken.io CER.live hackenproof.com and Hacken.ai sounds like a big group. What project drives your business forward today?

Dyma Budorin :我认为这是CER.live。 7月,我们开始与Coingecko进行紧密合作。我们对加密交易所安全性的自动评估现在是其TrustScore的价值因素之一。这引起了我们的广泛关注。几乎所有顶级交易所都要求我们如何提高自己的得分。最近我们很忙。

大家可以查看下Coingecko关于trust score中cybersecurity的部分


I think it is CER.live. In July we have started tight cooperation with Coingecko. Our automated assessment of cryptoexchanges security is now one of the value factor of their TrustScore.

This has turned lots of attention to us. Almost all top exchanges has requested us how they can improve their score. We have been very busy recently.


What do you think will happen with cryptoexchanges market in future? What will be Hacken role?

Dyma Budorin :目前我们仍处于加密市场发展的非常早期的阶段。行业内仍然有许多不道德的角色正在欺骗经验不足的加密爱好者。如今,大多数交易所对他们的用户都不透明,这必须改变。

We are still at very early stage of crypto market development. We still have lots of unethical actors who are fooling inexperienced crypto enthusiasts. Today majority of exchanges are not transparent with their users and this has to change.


Hacken is continuously work to educate and provide unbiased information on very is safe to trade. By saying that I want to assure Bitmart users that we have made our research and are very happy to start tight cooperation with Bitmart. Great team, transparent and accountable business processes and amazing product.


How HAI investors benefit from growing Hacken power? What are your plans for B2B expansion?

Dyma Budorin :每天我都在问我的团队,我们正在做什么以增加HAI投资者的价值。我们一直在为HAI开发制定战略和运营计划。

Every day I am asking my team what are we doing to grow value of HAI investors. We are continuously working on our strategic and operational plan for HAI development.


Besides the big mission to clean crypto market from unethical exchanges, CER.live has allowed us to establish connections with most of the top exchanges.

今天,我们有20多个免费的上市建议,是我们决定在HAI代币的上市地点。我们已经同意了2020年的上市计划。如果您有长期的项目并且目标是进入100强市值,那么遵循循序渐进的方法非常重要。从顶级 交易所开始然后让社区失去积极性和兴趣是没有意义的。

Today we have 20+ free listing proposals and it is us who decide where to list HAI token. We have already agreed our listing plan for 2020. It is very important to follow the step by step approach if you have a long term project and you are targeting top100 marketcap. There is no sense to start with top exchanges and then lose interest of the community.

Iris:HackenProof有3000多个注册的white hat黑客。这样的社区可以解决什么问题?

HackenProof has more than 3,000 registered white hat hackers. Sounds a bit scary. What problems can you solve with such community?

Dyma Budorin :我会说我们拥有最好的3000名white hat黑客。我们很荣幸能与全球这样的人才一起工作。绝对关键点是网络效应。我们基本上可以解决任何网络安全问题并有效地找到解决方案。

I would say 3,000 the best white hat hackers. We are very proud to work alongside with such talented people around the globe. Definitely the key is network effect. We can basically solve any cybersecurity problem and efficiently find solutions.


Let’s speak about HackenAI. In the cryptocurrency world, the damage caused by hackers is often irreversible. As an all-round personal network security application, how does Hacken protect digital users from hacker attacks?

Dyma Budorin :在HackenAI,我们致力于解决个人网络安全的最重要方面:

At HAckenAI we are focused on solving most important aspects of individual cybersecurity:

1. 我们正在帮助用户安全地管理其凭据。由于用户在多个帐户中使用相同的密码,因此发生了70%的黑客攻击。如果这样做,您将面临风险.

we are helping user to manage his credentials safely. 70% of the hacks are happening because the users are using the same password at multiple accounts. If you do so, than you are at risk


we are monitoring the darknet for breached accounts and immediately notify our users if their credentials are known to black hat hackers


we are continually educating our users through gamified interactive CyberBootCamp.

3. 我们将通过游戏化的互动式CyberBootCamp对用户进行持续的教育。立即下载该应用程序,并以一种有趣的方式开始提高您的安全性,请相信我,这不会很无聊。

Download the app now and start improving your security in a fun way, trust me it will not be boring

Iris:HackenAI的代币经济体系可以直接带动HAI的需求增长,那么Hacken是如何做到HackenAI 的用户增长 = HAI 代币价值增长的呢?

HackenAI's token economic system can directly drive the growth of HAI's demand, so how does Hacken achieve HackenAI's user growth = HAI token value growth?

Dyma Budorin :在2019年,我们重新设计了代币经济学,以创建对用户数量增长的依赖。 HackenAI于几个月前发布,我们正在测试各种营销渠道以获取用户。

In 2019 we have redesigned our tokenomics so to create dependency on user number grow. HackenAI was released few months ago and we were testing various marketing channels for user acquisition.


I can share that crypto project Brave browser is one of the best marketing channels. It is very important for project sustainability to increase this number and at the same decrease user acquisition cost before massive marketing campaigns. We are working on it with inspiration


CyberBootCamp, Password Manager, DatkNet monitoring and Digital Wallet are the four star products of HackenAI. What are HackenAI development plans?

Dyma Budorin :到目前为止,HackenAI已经可以使用了,我们为此感到非常自豪。在6个月内,您会对HackenAI的第二个版本感到非常惊讶。

As of today HackenAI is a ready to use product and we are very proud of this. In 6 months you will be very surprised with HackenAI version 2.

Iris:加密爱好者如何与Hacken合作?什么是Hacken Club?您如何计划扩大社区?

How can crypto enthusiasts cooperate with Hacken? What is Hacken Club? How do you plan to expand community?

Dyma Budorin :我们很少有社区成员成为我们的业务开发合作伙伴。网络安全是一个热门话题,许多公司都需要它。我们引入了Hacken Club会员模型,因此我们最活跃的社区成员可以从介绍给我们的客户中获得高达25%的收入。因此,如果您有B2B网络安全客户的平均支票为3万美元,则可以轻松计算出他们的收入。我们非常欢迎大家朝着这个方向与我们合作。

We have quite few community members who became our business development partners. Cybersecurity is a hot topic and lots of companies need it. We have introduced Hacken Club membership model, so that our most active community members can earn up to 25% from the clients they introduced to us.

So if you take the average check for B2B cybersecurity customer of 30k USD, you can easily calculated how much they earn. Everyone is very welcome to start working with us in this direction.


Any plans for Hacken integration to DeFi ecosystem? Hi hat do you think about future if DeFi?

Dyma Budorin :我认为DeFi有很大的潜力。每当发生金融危机时,就会涌现出现一些新技术。这就是比特币在2008年诞生的方式。在接下来的几年中,我们将看到类似的情况。保护人们免受欺诈性DeFi项目的侵害非常重要。这将是我们的主要任务之一。

I see lots of potential in DeFi. Every time there is a financial crisis, some new technology arises. That's how Bitcoin was born in 2008. Something similar we will see in next couple of years. It will be very important to protect people from scam DeFi projects. And this will be one of our main tasks.


How do you Hacken in 1-3-5 years? Can you share insights about HAI token development?

Dyma Budorin :如今,Hacken已成为区块链安全和传统软件开发业务的市场领导者。我们已经建立了可持续的商业模式,并不断创造新产品。我们的投资者是Vechain&Fenbushi等知名公司。接下来的1-3-5年只会更好:

Hacken today is a market leader in blockchain security and in traditional software development business in our region. We have build sustainable business model and keep creating new products. Our investors are such reputable companies as Vechain & Fenbushi. Next 1-3-5 will be only better:

1 HackenAI保护了全球数以亿计的人

Hundreds of millions of people around the globe are secured with HackenAI

2 Hacken是网络安全创业公司和增强型保护设备行业的Alibaba

Hacken is an Alibaba for cybersecurity startups and enhanced protection devices

3 HAI的投资者都会富有并得到网络安全保护

HAI investors are rich and cybersecured

非常感谢Dyma Budorin 的精彩分享!本次直播感谢所有支持的媒体和朋友,欢迎大家持续关注BitMart Labs行业观察站,我们将继续为大家带来更多的行业热点内容。






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