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RMT 项目周报(2019年12月20日)

SUREREMIT WEEKLY UPDATE 20th DEC. 2019Hello!With the upcoming holiday season and 2019 coming to an end, we like to reflect on the past year and what a year it has been!

RMT 项目周报(2019年12月20日)SUREREMIT WEEKLY UPDATE 20th DEC. 2019


With the upcoming holiday season and 2019 coming to an end, we like to reflect on the past year and what a year it has been!

We can conclude that the past year was a tumultuous one, not only for the crypto market as a whole but also for SureRemit’s development. To name a few highlights of the past year: we added many new countries en merchants to our platform resulting in a robust global offering of our services. Our team expanded with excellent new hires for tech development, business development, and marketing strategy development. We set up communities in Asia and connected with many exchanges resulting in two new exchange listings; Bitmart and WBFEX.

Unfortunately, the crypto market and accompanying sentiment did not play out in our favor. We tried to balance out the (usually short-term) crypto expectations and (long-term) business development. It was quite challenging to align them both, and we concluded that we had to adjust our approach and strategy. We learn from experience, and we only get better because of it. We work hard for SureRemit to be successful and to achieve this, the focus must be on the fundamentals of SureRemit. It’s fair to say that we just got too distracted by the crypto side of our venture.

The bulk of our target audience is non-crypto savvy. Developing a service that has a crypto-focused front-end will most likely scare users away. Hence we decided to move towards a non-crypto approach, pushed all crypto-related activities to the background, and developed a strategy & positioning that is more relevant and easier to use for our target audience. We’ve launched a new website that reflects our proposition clearer than before, introducing great features like the SureRequest, SureMembership & SurePoints. We’re currently building the final website, which will include all the upcoming SureRemit App 3.0 features. We aim to launch the new SureRemit App and definite site simultaneously in Q1 of 2020. Once the App & site are up and running, marketing will commence.

We are confident that this strong proposition & strategy will pay off.

What about the RMT token price? Our refined proposition and strategy will attract new users, having a substantial impact on the RMT price. When demand rises based upon usage, this will impact the RMT ecosystem and consequently, the RMT price development. Add some speculation in the mix, it could become quite interesting.

We’re very much looking forward to 2020, it will undoubtedly be another challenging year, but it’s all worth it. In the end, SureRemit can make a big difference in people’s lives, people who need help the most.

From all of us here at SureRemit, we wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas!

PS:?Below a quick glance of the UX SureRequest feature in the upcoming new SureRemit App (work in progress, texts and visuals are added once finalized)


你好!随着即将到来的节假日,2019年即将结束,我们喜欢反思过去的一年。我们可以得出结论,过去的一年是一个动荡的一年,不仅对整个加密市场,而且对SureRemit的发展。列举去年的几大亮点:我们在我们的平台上增加了许多新的国家和地区的商户,从而在全球范围内为我们提供了强大的服务。我们的团队在技术开发、业务开发和营销策略开发方面有了优秀的新员工。我们在亚洲建立了社区,并与许多交易所建立了联系,在两个新的交易所上市:Bitmart和WBFEX。不幸的是,加密市场和随之而来的情绪并没有对我们有利。我们试图平衡(通常是短期)加密预期和(长期)业务发展。把两者结合起来是很有挑战性的,我们的结论是我们必须调整我们的方法和战略。我们从经验中学习,我们只会因为经验而变得更好。我们努力工作,以确保SureRemit的成功,并实现这一点,重点必须在SureRemit创立的最初的出发点。公平地说,我们只是被我们在数字加密方面的尝试分心了。我们的大部分目标受众都是非密码用户。开发一个以加密为中心的前端服务很可能会吓跑用户。因此,我们决定采用非加密方法,将所有与加密相关的活动都推到后台,并制定了一个更相关、更易于为目标受众使用的战略和定位。我们推出了一个新的网站,比以前更清楚地反映了我们的主张,引入了像SureRequist、SureMembership和SurePoints这样的强大功能。我们目前正在建设最终的网站,其中将包括所有即将推出的SureRemit应用3.0功能。我们的目标是在2020年第一季度同时推出新的SureRemit应用程序和define网站。一旦应用程序和网站启动并运行,营销将开始。我们相信,这一强有力的提议和战略将得到回报。RMT代币的价格呢?我们完善的建议和策略将吸引新用户,对RMT价格产生重大影响。当需求基于使用量上升时,这将影响RMT生态系统,进而影响RMT价格的发展。再加上一些猜测,可能会变得相当有趣。我们非常期待2020年,这无疑是又一个充满挑战的一年,但这一切都是值得的。最终,SureRemit可以在人们的生活中产生巨大的改变,那些最需要帮助的人。Sureremit的全体员工 祝你和你的亲人圣诞快乐!









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